Chess is the game I really love to play. I learned playing chess since I was 8 years old, and from then on I always have the feeling of excitement whenever I am engage in a game. Couple of people have taught me this game, from basic offence and defence to advance. Proudly to say that my first mentor is my sister Maggie, 3rd place winner of the Cagayan Valley Regional Athletic Association (CAVRAA) Chess Competition last 1995. She won one of her games by pawn promotion, had her queen back after a queen to queen trading. No protest that she is really good in chess arena, she is always in defence side and very cautious in each of her move. My second teacher is my uncle named Zaldy, a street chess player. He taught me a lot of moves and patterns both for offence and defence. He taught me the Sicilian Defence, King’s Indian Defence, Queen’s Gambit Offence, and many more including those non-existing moves that I first thought it’s officially allowed…hahaha! Uncle Zaldy is indeed one of my best teachers in chess, he can play either in offence or defence side. I also used to play with my cousin named JR who is an exceptional player too, whom I believe I got enough practice.

I am not an expert chess player, I am a Software Engineer by profession, but I can say I can give you a nice game when we play the game. Whether I win or not, it doesn’t matter for me ‘coz still as the old sayings goes, “It’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game.” I appreciate the game of chess for it taught me a lot of things in life. In chess you need to have a quick mind which you can apply in real life decision making. On the other hand, you need to have patience especially when you are building short temporal moves, for you know that after this small steps is be a big leap. In chess you can also make a bluff move to trick your opponent, which is a bad practice, for even in real life bluffing is not always applicable especially to the experienced one. As you move towards the middle of your game, battles of life may come from different angles. You might be focused on defending your rook but another attack may come targeting your queen. Ending up seeing yourself always on the defending side and can’t get up anymore to have even your first attack. There are times that you become hard headed insisting that you are on the winning side, too aggressive on your moves, but at the end of the day you’re still on the losing end.

The game of chess consists of different phases, the opening part, the middle, and the end game. Most of the time, the moves you have made in opening part will determine your position in the middle part, and middle moves will put your place in the end game provided you managed to reach the end, for there are times players have given up even at the early stage. In life you always have a choice, a choice to do the right thing or suffer the consequence for choosing the wrong thing. If you happened to choose the wrong one and you know you had enough of the troubles, it’s not yet late, don’t give up, play the game. While you’re still in the game, learn from it and try not to make the same mistake again. As my personal experience, one important aspect I learned in playing chess is the beauty of sacrifice. Willingness to sacrifice what you got for a better purpose is one of the greatest things you can impart in your game of life.

So what are you waiting for? Come on and let’s play! Online challenge will soon be available in this site…^_^