Apple iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 on display after its introduction during Apple Inc.’s iPhone media event in San Francisco, California September 12, 2012. REUTERS/Beck Diefenbach

Apple has now unveils the long awaited iPhone 5, which appears to have a bigger screen and a slimmer body compared to other smart phone competitors. “The thinnest smart phone in the world,” the California company stated.

iPhone 5 is said to be lighter than iPhone 4s having an aluminium body which is 18-20 percent thinner. From among the expectators comparison, it is even lighter than the platsicky Samsung phones like Galaxy S III. It becomes lighter after the switch to a primarily aluminium back plate, though it doesn’t look cheap.

Philip W. Schiller, senior vice president of worldwide marketing at Apple Inc. said “When you carry your phone it should fit beautifully in your hand that is just how we designed iPhone 5…Everything you do looks gorgeous on this beautiful widescreen display.”

The new Apple’s device is equip with their very own A6 processor, in which specially made to speed up loading graphics specifically for web pages. iPhone 5 also takes pride on using 4G (fourth generation) LTE connectivity, which is expected to provide mobile ultra-broadband internet access. Apple also sited that they have customized the device to upgrade its voice-activated assistant named Siri and said to be more integrated with Facebook.

The new phone will be using the latest Apple’s mobile operating system iOS 6, which introduces more options in sharing photos with friends and family. The new iOS also offers a feature called “Passbook,” in which digital coupons, airline tickets and gift cards can be conveniently stored in one location.

United States, Canada, Britain, France, Germany, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan, are among the first few countries which Apple will start taking orders for the phone, and will begin shipments on September 21. Apple is targeting iPhone 5 to be available in 100 countries by the end of this 2012.