His voice

In whatever circumstances you are in right now, take courage for God is with you. In every situation you may seem to be sinking right now, do not fear for God is in control. God’s hand is always there to lift you up and keep you from drowning. Keep walking, for in each of your every step, He knows each and every details of what you are going through.

Times may come that He may seem to be quiet, especially at times of our insecurities. And there are times that we wonder, and ask God “why now? Why now that I needed You, you seems to be very quiet oh Lord…I want to hear You.” But take courage my friend, God never leave us…He is talking to us but it is us who can’t hear Him. We hear many voices of the world instead of His voice. We listen to others whom we think we are depending on…and therefore God has no choice but to isolate you.

Yes, He will isolate you and bring to a situation where you can’t bring anyone with you. A place where everything in you will be left behind, and you alone will walk to your destination. No supporters, no crowds, no friends, no relatives, nothing at all…and each of your every step will be a walk of faith…and God will whisper…”Can you hear me now? And you will answer, yes my Lord.” And God will tell you…”Look…the ram is just at your side.”

The provision comes even before the need comes…the answer comes even the question comes…the solution comes even before the problem comes, all He need from you is your faith and listen to what He is saying. Your plan is nothing compared to His plans…for He sees beyond what you can see. You may ask details on your journey, but He will answer you blank. For what He wants is not your plan, but His plans for you. For what He is after is not for you to get there, but instead what matters to Him is the steps He is giving you while getting there. Steps that are not fully visible for you…to build your faith…steps that will only be given whenever you need them. And these little steps will make your way to encounter “The Blessing.”